Tyneside Songs - Roly Veitch and the Blaydon Aces

Since my teenage years I've taken an interest in our local Geordie dialect songs. I was born and live in the Blaydon area so the 'Blaydon Races' anthem had special significance. I learned a few of the very well known songs and occasionally performed them (voice + guitar) when opportunities came along.
Then in 2002 I completed a recording of my own arrangements for voice + two guitars (I overdubbed 2nd guitar) and released a CD 'Canny Tyneside' using the pseudonym 'Blaydon Aces'. It received much local radio airplay then a track 'Keep your Feet Still Geordie Hinny' was played on Radio 4 'Desert Island Discs' at the request pf poet UA Fanthorpe. That airplay created quite a lot of interest.
Following on from that I have recorded further CDs of the popular repertoire - 'Geordie Roots', 'Gan Canny' and 'Wherever Ye Gan'.
Recently I released a CD of mostly original songs about the amazing and historically significant history of the Blaydon/Winlaton area. It is titled 'A Legend Evermore'. The term 'legend' is certainly appropriate for several aspects of this history. There is also a 47 page A4 size book which has been produced by Winlaton & District History Society which contains a brief history of each song topic, along with all the song lyrics. This book (and the CD) can be purchased at the new Heritage Centre (Café Shrub) at Winlaton Mill.
My 'Gan Canny' CD was made with a close friend and great guitarist James Birkett. James has also performed the repertoire with me on gigs where we have performed as a duo, using the 'Blaydon Aces' name.
From my 'Gan Canny' CD onwards I began to use some banjo and ukulele on some songs and on 'Legend Evermore' the great Tyneside folk fiddle player Stuart Hardy came to the studio and played on six of the songs.
I have quite a lot of this dialect material uploaded to YouTube. I've put some links below but if you check out my 'Blaydon Aces' channel there is quite a lot more.

Roly Veitch - January 2020

YouTube Clips

1) Bobby Shafto
2) Wor Nanny's a Mazer
3) Coffee Johnny Wore a White Top Hat
4) The Keelman's Way
5) Crowley's Crew
6) The Lambton Worm

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