Ray Cameron's Photograph Collection

My sincere thanks to John Harrison, originally of Victoria Street on the Spike, who has passed me a remarkable collection of photostat copy and original photographs of the Spike and its residents. The photographs were taken by Spiker Ray Cameron who wanted to make a record of this unique little place and it's people. When Ray passed away they were kept by his widow Audrey but she recently passed away and they were handed on to John. He has now very kindly handed them on to me to show on this website. I feel privileged to have them. I am presently working through them and where possible enhancing the images using photo editing software and adding some captions. In many cases I have left the original hand written personnel details just as they were. Nearly all are Spike related. There are a few more generally relating to Blaydon eg. some school photos.
It is a big task and really there are just too many to include everything so I have picked out those I think are most interesting. If any Spikers or descendants out there can date these photos please let me know. Even just approximate dates would be good. My E Mail contact is on the home page. I would also like to say that whilst I have tried to portray this unique little place in an affectionate way I am conscious of the fact that for some descendants there may be a personal element, perhaps a deceased relative, for example, which might mean they would rather not have the photo on display. If this is so then please just let me know. I have mainly selected group photos or ones which show what the place looked like. There are many individual portrait type photos, weddings, military and so on but I have not included them out of respect for privacy. My E Mail contact is on the home page.

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Roly Veitch
Updated 15th January 2021

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